A Cup of Coffee

I'm Nicole and these are my meandering thoughts as I try to figure it out.
--"Roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair"--

Ocean Beach. 


Expression in the streets of San Francisco


Mons Klint, Denmark (by Vyacheslav Cherkasskiy)


Take a look at the sequence of images below (I recommend clicking through to enlarge, Tumblr Dashboard folks). Works best if you stare at the dot:


Color? Or black and white?

The rods and cones of your retina respond to the illumination (black-white) and color of a scene, respectively….

Another week in San Francisco.

1. Vanilla cupcakes with bacon

2. Artwork in SoMa (that’s furniture hanging off the building)

3. Dolores Park

4. Golden Gate from Baker Beach

(via cmills113)

You know what’s a sucky feeling? When you’re in a really good mood, having a good day, then all of a sudden are reminded that you’re not meeting any of the expectations that you or your parents have for yourself and don’t have your shit remotely together. Shit’s hard, but I think my expectations are reasonable. And yes I know it’s my expectations and not my parents’ that matter, but I do care about not disappointing my parents. And then your day takes a complete 180 and for once you’re glad it’s only Monday because then you think it’s the beginning of the week and that means there’s some small hope you’ll make progress before another week goes by.