A Cup of Coffee

I'm Nicole and these are my meandering thoughts as I try to figure it out.
--"Roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair"--
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  • Friend: Um, you need to put a stop to this...RFN.
  • Me: RFN?
  • Friend: Right Fucking Now.

Random iPhone photos

1. Cappuccino from Sightglass Coffee. Excellent

2. I apparently creepily take photos of people’s cute dogs. It’s just so cute.

3. I thought my egg looked like a goldfish…or a submarine.

4. Have you ever wondered what happens when an egg freezes?

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A tap dancing trumpeter I saw in front of the Ferry Building yesterday. Charismatic kid.

Blue Bottle cappuccino at the Farmers Market at The Ferry Building (so good btw, espresso was good and milk was steamed perfectly). People watching, sun and catching up on the phone. Good morning.

Today I learned that it is asparagus season. I should try to cook with them.

I always forget to look for the pineapple in Psych.

Along the Coast

"Wave Motion 1" An artistic impression of ocean waves off the island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. By Scott Smorra